Warmest weather of the season on the way!


It was a bit cool and breezy today. However, the strongest high pressure of the season is on the way and it’s about to bring the warmest air of the year to the Treasure Valley. It won’t be record heat, but it will get your attention.

On Tuesday, temperatures will begin to warm into the low 70’s as the winds taper off. The sunny skies will rule the pattern through Thursday. But, as the high pressure center moves directly over Idaho by Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll see highs approaching the low 80’s! We’ll go from light jackets today to many of us wanting to wear shorts by mid-week. This is going to be awesome, but it won’t last for long.

Remember, it’s still April and that means that we’re supposed to see showers. The computer models have a few more clouds returning to the area Friday along with a few showers possible Saturday and Sunday. This will be dependent on where the next low pressure center tracks. For now, it appears to be over Idaho this weekend. It’s still early in the week so I’ll have a better idea on that by Wednesday. For now, enjoy the sunshine and warmer temperatures!

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