USA Today survey ranks Meridian 'best city' to live in

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Eat your heart out, Boise. Meridian just scored a public relations coup that will turn the City of Trees green with envy.In a national online article, USA Today declared Meridian, Idaho the best American city to live in. That's right -- numero uno.Locals we talked to said: duh!"That's not surprising," said Meridian resident Josh Denison. "Me and my family have lived all over. And we keep coming back here. I was born and raised here and always really liked it.""I'm ex-military," said Deborah Fogg-Moncrieff. "I've lived all over the place and this is the best place I've ever lived."Above all, Meridian got the top ranking because the city is safe, with a violent crime rate that's just a fraction of the national average.Along with the low crime rate, the survey, conducted by the financial news and opinion company 24/7 Wall Street, cited Meridian's strong local economy, and low unemployment. "The annual unemployment rate in the city is also quite low," 24/7 Wall Street stated. "At just 4.1%, it is lower than the state's jobless rate of 4.8% and well below the national jobless rate of 6.2%. Moreover, jobs are being added to the local economy faster than in most of the United States."But the article did note that Meridian is growing dramatically and those same locals we talked to worry this new national spotlight will bring even more people to town."I already don't like the amount of people coming in," said Josh Denison. "It's good the way it is, I think."
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