Unlocking the mystery! Who's leaving these keys around Boise?

The keys are being found on the ground all over town. The problem is -- the keys don't belong to these businesses. (KBOI Staff Photo)

We're trying to unlock a mystery and you could be the key!

People have been turning in keys to businesses around Boise with notes that say:

"These Keys Belong to (business)," the business' address and "Reward if returned."

The keys are being found on the ground all over town. The problem is -- the keys don't belong to these businesses.

Every business owner KBOI2 spoke to today said they thought this was just someone they knew playing a trick on them.

Each one said they were surprised to learn that this was happening all over town.

Lou Aaron, the owner of Westside Drive In, says a group of customers came through the drive through last week saying they found this key on the ground right down the street.

And he thought, "maybe I had a maintenance guy a long time ago who thought he'd finally give me my key back."

But after testing it out around the restaurant, he realized it didn't fit any of his locks. He also noticed the word "drive in" was spelled wrong.

"I might have thought that it was a scam but the two guys that came in are regulars and I recognized them so I knew that they weren't," Aaron said. "They come in all the time so i knew right away that they weren't the one's trying to scam me."

Those customers weren't really expecting a reward but he decided to give them their milkshakes free of charge.

Westside Drive In isn't the only one receiving keys.

KBOI-TV received a key in the mail this week. Gil's K-Nine Bar, Hyde Park Pub and Grill, Northend pizza and O'Michael's Pub and Grill have received at least one key since April 1.

O'Michael's General Manager Dave Kent says it wasn't until he received a second key from someone he knew that he thought this might just be an April Fool's prank.

"We've got a couple customers that we were pointing the finger at," laughed Kent. "We really thought, you did this!"

Kent says since the keys don't actually open anything at the restaurant... "I'm not going to spend a lot of time worrying about it but I think the perp will come out one day."

The City of Boise and the Better Business Bureau say they haven't heard anything about this.

Boise police who says they've heard about it through social media but haven't received any reports.

If you've recieved a key or you know who's dropping them around town -- let us know.

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