United Airlines flight headed to Boise makes emergency landing


A United Airlines flight from Houston heading to Boise was forced to make an emergency landing.

The plane left Houston's Bush Intercontinental Airport around 6 p.m. Thursday and was en route to Boise.

Seven minutes after takeoff a smoke detector went off and flight attendants saw smoke on board the aircraft.

The plane then made an emergency landing in College Station, Texas.

A spokesman for the College Station fire department says smoke was reported in the fuselage of the plane before it made the emergency landing at Easterwood Airport.

Troy Schrenk, a passenger on the flight, says the crew was eerily calm during the unexpected descent.

"We knew when he [the pilot] said we were diverting to College Station, this was a significant issue. (It was) very quiet. I looked at my wife, she looked over at me, and I said, 'this isn't good. This is major.'"

United says the issue was a mechanical one and another plane from Houston was brought in to pick up the passengers and continue on their destination to Boise.

The plane reportedly landed in Boise at 2:53 a.m. Friday.

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