Two accused of selling counterfeit cell phones motion to be released from jail until trial

FILE PHOTO - Federal agents raid a series of homes and businesses in the Treasure Valley in relation to a multi-million dollar scheme involving counterfeit cell phones

Two men who investigators say were part of a multi-million dollar counterfeit cell phone scheme are again motioning to be released from jail until their trial date in October.

Pavel and Gennady Babichenko were among 10 people arrested last month for selling fake cell phones on sites like Amazon and eBay. Investigators say the counterfeit items were purchased from Hong Kong and then repackaged here in the Treasure Valley. According to an indictment, profits from the scheme exceeded $10 million.

The original indictment described 34 counts of counterfeiting, fraud, but also money laundering.

The 10 people involved have been identified as Pavel Babichenko, Timofey Babichenko, Natalya Babichenko, Kristina Babichenko, Gennady Babitchenko, Piotr Babichenko, David Bibikov, Artur Pupko, Mikhail Iyerusalimets and Anna Iyerusalimets.

Their trial date is set for October 23.

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