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TSA recommends tips for travelers before flying during the pandemic

Boise Airport. (CBS2 file)
Boise Airport. (CBS2 file)
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If you have to fly during the pandemic, you still have to go through TSA checkpoints. Before flying, there are steps passengers should take even before coming to the security checkpoint.

"Keep prohibited items out of your luggage, such as oversized liquids and knives," said Lorie Dankers, Spokesman for TSA Idaho. "Don’t bring anything that would be prohibited in the security checkpoint."

To reduce physical contact and cross-contamination, remove items like your cell phone and keys, to avoid alarming the body scanner and getting a pat down.

Dankers also recommends securing carry-on items in the luggage, to avoid putting personal items in the security bin.

“That bin is a common use item. Think of it as the nation’s park bench, as we try to make the bins clean as much we can," said Dankers. "We can’t make it clean for the next person. So it’s a common use item, treat it like a common use item."

In addition, new procedures have been put in place for passengers including an increased amount of liquid hand sanitizer allowed.

“We normally allow 3.4 ounces which is 100 mL. We’ve extended the amount to 12 ounces," said Dankers. "If you have additional purell, feel free to bring it to the checkpoint, put it in another bag so it’s protected and if it needs another screening that will take place."

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The TSA says the increased amount of precautions taken before, during, and after travelling can help boost confidence and safety in passengers.

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