Boise Airport: More people trying to bring guns on planes

TSA reports disturbing trend: more people trying to being firearms on board airplanes nationwide. (KBOI photo)

Transportation Security Administration officials say a disturbing trend is on the rise at airports nationwide, including the Boise Airport.

TSA reports an almost 50 percent increase since 2015 in the number of people trying to bring firearms on board in their carry-on.

They're reminding travelers the only way to transport a firearm on an aircraft is unloaded, in a locked, hard-sided container, declared and only in checked baggage

TSA officials say one gun was artfully concealed between cookies wrapped in tin foil in a carry-on bag, seized in May at the Boise Airport.

"We're talking about people carrying fire arms on their person or in their carry-on luggage and then going to a TSA checkpoint," said Andy Coose, security director for TSA in Idaho.

Eleven firearms have been detected at the TSA checkpoints in Idaho airports to date this year, on track to tie the total number in 2016 of 22 handguns.

And it's not just firearms, all sorts of prohibited items are turning up at checkpoints but it's the firearm that could get you a civil penalty of up to $3,900.

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