Treasure Valley hit with first case of dog flu

This year's flu concern is spreading — now, even our four-legged friends are at risk.

The dog flu is officially in the Treasure Valley.

A Boise dog tested positive for canine influenza on Wednesday.

It's the first-ever confirmed case to hit our region.

But, don't panic!

The good news is, the death rate is very low — less than 10-percent.

The bad news is, canine influenza is extremely contagious.

Local vets are concerned now that it's made its way to the Treasure Valley, they'll be seeing many more sick dogs coming in to be treated.

So, they're encouraging people to have their dogs vaccinated.

"The vaccine is completely safe and efficacious," said Dr. Dawn Sessions, owner of Broadway Veterinary Hospital. "We've vaccinated over 1200 doses and we have not had any reactions. So, it's a completely safe vaccine and it works."

Dr. Sessions says it's particularly important for dogs who go to kennels, parks, daycare, or anywhere else that they're around other dogs.

Dogs who are not exposed to other dogs are probably okay without it.

Either way, it's good to know what to do if you think you dog has the flu.

That starts with knowing the symptoms.

"Coughing, sneezing, doesn't want to eat, fever greater than 103 degrees, just general malaise," said Dr. Sessions. "[It's] just like you would be if you had the flu."

If your dog does seem under the weather, call your vet! It's not a good idea to just bring them in and expose other dogs.

From there, your vet will help you figure out the next steps for getting your furry friend healthy and back to themselves!

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