Kinner mental competency hearing to continue another day

CBS 2 File Photo

Judge Baskin has ordered a continuation of the mental competency hearing for Timmy Kinner Friday.

Friday marked day three of the mental competency hearing for Kinner, the man accused of carrying out a mass stabbing back in June that killed a 3-year old girl.

The continuation for the hearing is set for Jan. 15th at 1:30 p.m.

A psychiatrist said Kinner is mentally incompetent to stand trial last month, however, that decision will ultimately be made by Judge Nancy Baskin.

The hearing was closed to the media and public. State prosecutors and Kinner's defense attorney have been bringing forward witness after witness, and presenting evidence to Judge Baskin through the day.

Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty for Kinner.

Kinner is charged with the murder of 3-year-old Ruya Kadir. Prosecutors say Kinner attacked her and with a knife at the girl's birthday party June 30.

Kinner also faces aggravated battery charges in connection with attacks on eight other people, six of those being children, at the party.

There is no insanity plea in Idaho. If the judge does rule Kinner incompetent, he will be sent to prison or a state hospital for evaluation and treatment until he is ruled competent to stand trial.

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