Time to remember winter driving safety

With winter weather around the corner, remember some basic safety tips. (KBOI photo)

One common mistake drivers made repeatedly during last winter's heavy snow is this:

"Quite honestly that's going be primarily speed," said Cpl. Kyle Wills with the Boise Police Department. "Too fast for conditions. When there's snow and ice on the road, or black ice we don't see, sometimes people just fail to slow down."

And police say with slick roads, cars don't stop as fast when brakes are applied so they slide, leading to all kinds of crashes.

So remember in winter, the posted speed limit may be too fast for conditions.

Also during the winter, drivers must be especially attentive and focused on the road.

"So that would mean, maybe we'd make a phone call on a dry road because we feel comfortable looking down for a second to dial," said Cpl. Wills. "We would encourage people not to even do that on dry roads, but on icy or snow roads we definitely want to eliminate all distractions inside that car."

It's also a good idea to double the following distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you for a bigger safety buffer.

Bottom line: when the snow flies, easy does it. And leave early to make sure you get where you're going safely.

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