Thunderbirds headline air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base

Thunderbirds are crowd favorites at air shows across the country.

Coming up the weekend of June 2nd and 3rd, the Gunfighter Skies 2018 air show at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

The Air Force Thunderbirds, always a crowd favorite, will be that weekend doing their precision flying routines.

Also making its first appearance at an Air Show in Idaho, The F-22 raptor. It’s a 5th generation stealth fighter jet and the older sibling of the F-35 Lightning II which will also make an appearance at the show.

And then there's a bit of Hollywood. They call it, “Tora, Tora, Tora.” Using replica Japanese Zeros, it is a reenactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941.

“I was able to seem them many years ago and it is quite an experience. You're going to have many aircraft dive bombing the field," recounted Colonel Thomas Palmer, an F-15 fighter pilot and the operations group commander of the 366th at Mountain Home. “Of course, everything is safely at a distance, but you'll definitely feel the explosions and the booms.”

Colonel Palmer says Gunfighter Skies 2018 is a rare opportunity for the public to walk in the front doors of an USAF base and get a taste of what goes on there.

“We feel like this is going to be an open house for literally everybody in the family and we're totally excited to have everybody come out and enjoy that day.

“If you love airplanes and explosions this is the place for you to be.”

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