Three Ada school districts have bonds, levies on March 14 ballot

The jam-packed ceramics and sculpture class is just one example of the overcrowding at Boise's Timberline High School that worries both educators and parents.

"If you've got a class that's 35 or 40 students with overcrowding, you're not going to have opportunities for one-on-one contact with your teachers," said Kris Erne, whose daughter attends Timberline.

With the Boise School District's proposed $172 million bond, a new wing would be added at Timberline. Indeed all 48 schools in the district would receive some facility improvement.

And six existing schools would be completely rebuilt - without raising the current tax rate, according to school district officials.

At Kuna High School, crowded halls and an overflowing cafeteria tell a similar story of overcrowding.

The school district's proposed $40 million bond would - among other things - add more classrooms to two elementary schools and fund a new 500-student high school, which could be expanded in phases to meet the growing student population, again, the district says, keeping the current tax rate the same.

"We anticipate 400 new homes built each year in the foreseeable future," said David Reinhart, Kuna School District spokesman. "That equals about 280 new students a year."

West Ada voters are being asked to reauthorize the school district's plant facility levy, which would generate $16 million in revenue each year over ten years.

"We are asking for the ability to purchase land for future schools and to maintain and furnish our existing schools," said West Ada spokesman Eric Exline. "For example, Rocky Mountain High School will need a new roof in the next 10 years. That's a $2 million project."

The Boise and Kuna bonds will require a super majority of votes (66.7 percent) to pass on March 14.

West Ada's levy only requires a simple majority.

Marsing School District joined the clan with a $13.5 million bond over 25 years Tuesday.

It would include a new middle school, new gym, expanding an existing cafeteria, add security improvements and improve parking as well. That bond also needs a super majority to pass.

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