'This is not a gun free zone' the story behind the City of Greenleaf's welcome sign

"The original ordinance was all about caring for neighbors." Jett says.

"I don't know what the community reaction is to the recent shooting in Florida, however I can tell you what the reaction was to our ordinance and to our signs going up," says City Councillor Steven Jett, "Unbelievably and overwhelmingly supportive of both."

If you drive west of Caldwell, you might come across this interesting welcome sign. "welcome to Greenleaf. this is not a gun free zone."

"Greenleaf does not have it's own law enforcement agency, we contract with the city of wilder for law enforcement services and they're about 4 or 5 miles away, and the Idaho constitution states that the mayors of any town can call up anyone and I believe it's between the ages of 18 and 45 to enforce the law."

Before these signs were placed at the entrance of Greenleaf, a city of just over 800 people, the town received national attention back in 2006 for a city ordinance urging residents to own firearms and get proper weapons training.

"The original ordinance was all about caring for neighbors." Jett says.

The city councillor says that this ordinance suggested that citizens store water, food, and blankets for evacuees in the event of an emergency, but the ordinance includes the issue of law enforcement.

"There's some disasters that can happen here. And at the time Idaho was the 5th highest earthquake prone state in the nation. We have several dams above Boise and so there is potential for some catastrophic things to happen. if it did happen Greenleaf would see evacuees."

Even though the signs have been up for years, he says they're still getting a lot of attention.

"With the signs, I have actually seen people stop and take pictures with the sign as they come into town, that was also overwhelmingly supported by the area citizens and they are in demand."

The Clerk with the city of Greenleaf says that because of the signs popularity, in the next 60 days, a smaller version of one of their signs will be available for the public if they make a donation to the city.

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