Terrence Wood's sister says actions led up to disappearance completely out of ordinary

Terrence Wood's sister says actions led up to disappearance completely out of ordinary

Terrence Woods older sister Sharnia Tisdale, says her brother is a bright man who is ambitious, and has a kind and loving heart and that the activity Idaho County Police described is completely out of the ordinary.

"I talked to him before he went out there and he seemed fine," Sharnia says. "He was going to go out and do a job with the film crew and he was going to come home, nothing abnormal and he wasn't acting different. We talk all the time."

Multiple agencies have been scouring Idaho County, Idaho's largest and most rugged county for 27 year old Terrence Woods.

The Idaho County Sheriff says Woods was filming a documentary in the Orogrande area with London Production Company Raw TV, and was separated from his film crew when he went missing.

We reached out to the company he was filming with when he went missing, as of news time they have not responded.

He was last seen near the Penman Mine near Orogrande.

Workers on the scene told the sheriff's office he had been acting strange.

As the crew was wrapping up, he approached a steep drop.

"He went over to the edge and there were several people watching him including one of the local guys, and he said he just decided to take off, and he shot down that hill," Sheriff Doug Giddings says.

Crew members tried to go after woods, but weren't able to find him.

"And he would not stop, and he took off, and he just kept going. and they lost him at a road down below where you drop almost straight down, straight down a hill," Giddings says.

But his sister, Sharnia Tisdale says, what Idaho County Police are reporting is completely out of character for her younger brother.

"He is not the type of person that would just run off or do anything like this, so it seems unusual to me but you know I wasn't there so I can only go by what they are saying," Sharnia says.

"He's traveled around the world he really likes to do tv, he is a loving person and caring and an all around good person."

She says her family is praying for his safe return and are thankful for the multiple crews that have searched day and night since Friday for Terrence's safe return.

It's super unusual for him to just run off, especially to an area where he is unfamiliar," Sharnia says.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of either Terrence Woods or Connie Johnson is asked to call the Idaho County Sheriff's office at 208-983-1100.

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