Terrence Wood's family hires private investigator, says disappearance is suspicious

Terrence Woods' family hires private investigator, says disappearance is suspicious

Those around Terrence told authorities they saw him running away from the set.

Today, CBS 2 News spoke with Terrence's father, Terrence Woods Senior.

He believes his son did not run off the set, and that the details around Terrence's disappearance are suspicious.

"The detective said he's still investigating. He was with 11 other people, 11 other people, he was the only one missing." Woods says.

Last month, 27-year-old Terrence Woods of Maryland was filming for a British television show, in a remote location near the Pennman Mine in Idaho County.

According to the Idaho County Sheriff, the crew says he was acting strange and ran into the woods, where he disappeared.

But his father, Terrence Woods Senior believes there's more to the story.

He says he talked to someone who saw Terrence before he disappeared and says that person has conflicting accounts of what happened.

"Now you say you ran over there and my son was already 15 feet down running like a hare, I said what do you mean and he said your son is so fast, I was told to go down after him, they told me to get a car and meet him at the road, so I kept running after him and he disappeared into the woods and he stopped yelling and didn't want to scare him anymore," Woods says.

Wood's says that's why his family hired a private investigator, who's in Idaho County right now.

"He got in touch with me yesterday when he was on his way there, he said he was going to poke around and go check and get back in touch with me when he has something. You know, it's wait wait wait," Woods says.

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