Teachers mourn loss of 'unforgettable' student, Ruya Kadir

Teachers mourn the loss of Ruya Kadir, a student they describe as energetic and full of life. (KBOI Photo)

Teachers play a big role in the lives of students. Ruya's teachers, grieve the loss of a student they say they'll never forget.

Spunky and a handful, those are the words used to describe beautiful Ruya.

“You meet Ruya once and you don't forget her, so full of energy and life, we have so many funny stories of her and we're just remembering all those good times,” said Joy Hansel, Learning Lab Educators.

Teachers Joy and Monique, work with many of the refugees in Boise in the Learning Lab's literacy program.

Just this year, Ruya joined the program with her mother.

Lila Cabrera, who works closely with Ruya's mother says they stood out as a joyful mother-daughter duo.

"The memory I have is dancing with Ruya. She loved to dance and so do I. She was a little princess to her mom and her mom was one hundred percent always with her," Cabrera said.

As the community grieves, those close to the victims and their families paint a picture of who they are and why they belong in the Boise community.,

“They're resilient people, they came here to flee this behavior, and really want peace. they want a peaceful community, that's why they're here. they're tenacious, they're resilient, they're awesome people," Smith said.

While the shock, still sits in the homes of the Boise community.

"For some reason, you think it happens other places and not here and then when it happened here, you just can’t believe it.” Smith said.

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