Subtropical storm impacting Idaho


The origin of the showers we’re seeing over Idaho right now comes from the subtropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. That means that the clouds and showers developed from near the Hawaiian Islands! The end result is that this is very mild air. Yes, there will be snow in the mountains. The problem is that the snow levels are going to be up around 6,500’. For example, the base of most of our ski resorts are around 5,500’. The tops of the mountains will get a nice shot of snow. As much as 6-14” of snow could fall between now and early Friday. However, the base of many of our resorts will only see between 1-6” of new snow.

The mountain passes along Highway 21 near the Sawtooth Mountains will see the most snow. Banner Summit could experience significant winter conditions through the day Thursday. This will include the possibility of some blowing and drifting of snow.

By Friday, the snow levels will drop to near 4,000’. But, by then, a lot of the moisture will be gone. In fact, the weather is looking nice Friday afternoon through Saturday. Another round of storms is possible late Sunday through early next week. The outlook for Thanksgiving is very much up in the air. The models keep flip flopping between cold, dry air and wet storms. By the weekend, we’ll have a much better idea.

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