Staying safe on the roadways this holiday season

Losttrail pass..PNG

Thousands of drivers will be passing through the valley this week for Thanksgiving and that can be a problem if you're not prepared.

With the busy travel week, ahead the Idaho Transportation Department is urging you to take a little extra time to plan ahead.

"Plan and prepare, that's the best advice and that's what people can do to safely reach their destination," said Adam Rush, Public Involvement Coordinator for ITD.

Now that we're beginning to see snow on some roadways, one of the best ways to find out about road conditions as you travel for the holidays is by hopping onto the Idaho 511 app or website.

"Our number 1 priority is the safety of the traveling public," said Rush.

The 511 site posts road closures and conditions and gives you access to its network of web-cameras so you can see what conditions are like.

Images of some mountain passes today were covered in snow and ice.

Making sure your car is equipped to handle these changing conditions is vital.

"Having a vehicle checked out by a mechanic, making sure it's road worthy, getting anything that needs to be fixed, fixed in advance of a road trip is something the transportation department encourages," said Rush.

It's a good time to have tires checked, make sure you have enough tread depth to safely navigate snow or ice because you really don't want to get stranded when conditions turn wintry outside.

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