State of the City Address: Meridian's thriving economy

In her 15th address, Mayor Tammy de Weerd, highlighted the thriving economy of the City of Meridian. (File Photo)

Tonight, Mayor Tammy de Weerd presented the State of the City Address in a packed auditorium at Meridian Middle School.

In her 15th address, Mayor Tammy, highlighted the thriving economy of the City of Meridian.

The theme of her speech was "A rising star" and rising is just what the city will continue to do in the new year.

Multiple projects and expansions were announced but one in particular, the city is amped up about.

The major expansion of Roaring Springs, a nationally ranked attraction, was one she announced today. The company will be making improvements to their kiddie pool, newly named "Bearfoot Bay" along with 3 news slides and more than 20 play elements.

"What we're really excited about is the expansion of their conference facilities from 200 people to 600. We need that space in Meridian and it's so exciting to have Roaring Springs Wahooz bring this to our community," said Mayor De Weerd.

Construction should be completed by fall of this year. This is a 6.1 million dollar project. The mayor also gave an update on the courtroom issue, with a proposal to turn the former city hall site on Idaho avenue into a courthouse.

"The stems from a court order issued in 94 to provide a courtroom," said Mayor De Weerd.

The building plan was presented in January to the courts and they are waiting for a decision. The building is currently occupied by new venture. The city supports a legislative approach in hopes to end a 24-year issue. The proposal is to use new growth revenue to help pay for courts.

"This is perfect because it requires the state, our counties and cities to all pay a share rather than just one more burden on your property taxes," said Mayor De Weerd.

Mayor Tammy says to contact your legislators because the city needs their support.

She also asks for the citizens help on naming the new, 77-acre South Meridian Park. It will be Meridians largest park but the entire park won't be completed for another few years.

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