Small ACHD team overseeing hundreds of thousands of street signs

ACHD has four sign installers that oversee at least 300,000 street signs in Ada County.

There are so many signs on our roads in Ada County, ACHD doesn’t even keep track anymore.

“A minimum of 300,000,” said Mike Johnson, a sign installer for the department. Johnson says he’s heard the number could be even closer to 500,000.

Johnson is one of just four installers ACHD employs.

“Anything can happen and it does happen,” Johnson said.

The group is responsible for basically overseeing all the street signs in Ada County.

Green street signs have a lifespan of 15-18 years while other colored signs usually last 12-15 years.

The department tests signs from years around that end date when it comes to its reflective capabilities.

“We give them a poor, fair, or better rating,” Johnson said.

If an installer sees a sign that is fading, they can put it in their software to let them know it could need to be replaced later.

The department also repairs and replaces signs that get hit by vehicles or signs that need changed.

You can help ACHD out. If a resident notifies the department of a sign that should be replaced, crews will usually be able to check on it within 24 hours. If it’s regarding a stop sign, crews try to respond within one hour.

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