ACSO continues search for man who sexually assaulted jogger, release video of suspect

The person in this surveillance video is wearing clothes similar to what the woman described her attacker was wearing — grey sweatpants and sweatshirt with a dark colored beanie or hood over his head — when she was attacked from behind while jogging on Brogan Drive just before 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 30. (Courtesy Ada County Sheriff)

Ada County Sheriff detectives released security footage of a man they would like to talk to in relation to a Boise attack and sexual assault in Nov. 2018.

The person in the video is wearing similar clothes to what the victim described as wearing a grey sweatshirt.

This video was captured at 6:39 a.m. on Nov. 30, the same morning as the attack, less than a half-mile from where the attack occurred.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says a man grabbed a woman around the neck from behind as she was jogging near W. Brogan Drive, between S. Seabreeze Way and S. Elinor Rose Avenue. They say she fought the man until she fell to the ground and lost consciousness as the man chocked her.

Dozens of leads and interviews have taken place since the attack.

"The clothes, time, and location all line up with the description of the attacker. Detectives would like to talk to whoever this person is – and would like to hear from the public if anyone recognizes who it is," the sheriff's office stated.

The man’s age, ethnicity, hair and skin color are not known.

Anyone with information about this assault, the man or anything that seemed unusual or suspicious in this area is urged to call Detective Shellie Strolberg at 208.577.3788 or send an email to

Deputies provided information on how to avoid protect yourself from attacks like this, HERE.

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