Sheriff: 12 gang members charged for rioting in Canyon County Jail

Photos courtesy the Canyon County Jail.

The Canyon County Sheriff's Office says twelve gang members have been indicted by a grand jury for rioting in connection with a fight at the Canyon County Jail in early June.

The sheriff's office says all twelve are facing charges of felony riot with an enhancement for it being gang-related.

Deputies says eleven of the twelve were arraigned Monday afternoon, but David Mendoza, 31, of Caldwell, is still being looked for by law enforcement. Caldwell was the only one of the twelve who was not still in the jail when the indictment came down.

The maximum penalty for felony riot is 20 years in prison. The gang enhancement adds another possible five years maximum after the time for rioting has been served.

These are the twelve people charged, according to the sheriff's office:

Agustin Olvera, age 31, of Nampa

Matthew Alsip, age 29, of Meridian

Manuel Castro, age 40, of Parma

Carlos Zamora, age 34, of Caldwell

James Steelman, age 24, of Boise

David Ramirez, age 25, of Notus

George Heidenreich, age 44, of Caldwell

John Hernandez, age 33, of Middleton

David Mendoza, age 31, of Caldwell

Jose Magdaleno, age 22, of Caldwell

Noel Crispin, age 23, of Nampa

David Valdez, age 37, of Nampa

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