Series of storms hit the Treasure Valley Monday afternoon

    A tree fell in Parma due to high wind gusts. (courtesy photo)

    A series of different storms blew through the Treasure Valley Monday.

    Residents in Parma had wind gusts that knocked out one family's tree in their yard.

    "It was pretty chaotic out here. It was very sudden and loud," said Parma resident Tia Goves. Groves shared a photo of a toppled over tree that fell and missed her home by a foot.

    "The winds picked up fast and everything was flying around our house. I didn’t hear the tree fall because the wind was very loud," said Groves.

    A tree fell in Parma due to high wind gusts. (courtesy photo)

    In Mountain Home, many people reported large pieces of hail falling in their neighborhoods. Along with the hail, residents stated they saw thunder and lightning.

    I-84 between Ontario and Pendleton is now open after being closed for several hours Monday. Dense fog and snowy conditions are still present in the area. Oregon Department of Transportation is urging travelers to use extreme caution when traveling on I-84 in eastern Oregon.

    Boise saw rain. And with that rain, came a rainbow! Photos circulated social media of the vibrant rainbow all over town.

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