Defending yourself from holiday package thieves


This time of year, online shopping ramps up and according to Nampa Police so does the crime of package theft.

"These opportunistic thieves knows that these items are going to be frequent," said Sgt. Tim Riha with the Nampa Police Department. "They'll drive around and look for them. So, we see an uptick this time of year because of the holiday season."

Right now, police in Nampa are looking for a 'porch pirate' who was caught on a home security camera stealing a package right off a front porch!

That's what police say is one of the most effective tools to help them track down a stolen package — surveillance video.

"Had there not been a camera in this case, we would have never known who took that [package]," said Sgt. Riha. "We are still trying to identify her, but we have now a photo that we can put out and show people and ask for their help in finding out who she is."

Home security is more affordable and easy to use than ever — meaning to protect your castle your don't have to be rich enough to afford a castle!

The one used in the case of Nampa's 'porch pirate' was the Ring — costing just under $200 — it looks just like a doorbell.

Another one that's easy to install and can be tracked right from your smart phone is the Arlo, also costing just under $200.

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