Scentsy lights up the holidays

Christmas lights on Scentsy Commons in Meridian.

On Scentsy Commons Thursday night, founders Heidi and Orville Thompson led the countdown to the lighting of more than 724,000 Christmas lights. This year the display has grown to 43 miles of lights in 450 trees and a new "tunnel of light."

By they way, if you put all the strands of light end to end, it would just about reach from Meridian to Mountain Home. Crews from Ideal Landscaping began hanging the lights back on October 25th.

It's Scentsy's own Winter Wonderland. "It's like our Winter flowers," said Orville Thompson. "We'll keep adding until it gets a little overwhelming ... Until they have to turn on the Arco plant to power the place!"

This event was mostly for Scentsy employees, but the public is invited to an even bigger Christmas party on December 11th and 12th. On those two nights Santa will make an appearance, several choirs from local schools including BSU will sing and there will even be a living Nativity complete with a camel named Clyde.

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