UPDATE: Satellite Launch carrying NNU student's project rescheduled second night in a row

NNU students watch as their project, Maker-Sat 0 is partially 3-D printed in space

The JPSS-1 launch, carrying the satellite project from Northwest Nazarene University students, is now re-scheduled for the second night in a row, according to NOAA.

The launch time, was cancelled Wednesday morning with 6 minutes left to go, due to upper level winds. NOAA explained these winds could pose a danger to the rocket once it leaves the launch pad.

Tuesday's launch at the Vandenburg Air force Base, was also cancelled with just minutes to go.

According to the United Launch Alliance, the first launch was called off due to a, "red range and a late launch vehicle alarm". Because there was a short window before takeoff, there wasn't enough time to fix the problem.

The launch is now scheduled for Saturday morning at 2:47 a.m. Mountain Time.

JPSS-1 will carry a NNU project, Maker-Sat 0, that will test how 3-D printed polymers react in space. It's also a historical flight--being the first satellite ever from the state of Idaho, and the first to have a part 3-D printed in space. Read more about the project here.

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