Residents can track ACHD snow plows this winter

It's not online yet, but this is a conceptional look at a new map to be featured on the Ada County Highway District website this winter allowing residents to track snow plows in the county.

Coming this winter, the Ada County Highway District website will feature a new map that will let drivers see which roads have been treated or plowed after a snow storm.

"This will allow people to pull up the area of the county they live in, or that they are going to be travelling to, and see in the last 12 hours where our trucks have been," said ACHD spokeswoman Nicole DuBois.

The map's a work in progress but it will use shades of pink, and the darker the pink, the more recent the activity on the road.

"All of our trucks contain tracking devices that our managers use not only to be able to track where our drivers are, but also the speed they're going and it allows us to track when a plow is set down, when a plow is picked up, when magnesium chloride is being applied, where sand and salt is being spread," DuBois explained.

Soon all of this information will be at the finger tips of drivers.

But DuBois says just because a road might be colored a heavy pink doesn't guarantee its safety and drivers must always use caution.

There's no official launch date for when this new mapping service that will be on the ACHD website. As soon as possible, is what the highway district is hoping for. We'll let you know when it's up and running...along with the snow plows this winter.

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