Rep. Simpson: health care fix, tax reform will happen


Despite what may look like chaos on Capitol Hill now, Rep. Mike Simpson says he's confident Congress will reach deals to both stabilize America's health insurance markets and provide tax cuts for the middle class.

But the Idaho congressman says President Trump's tweets and involvement in controversy continue to distract Congress from the work it has to do.

"These are very important things (health care and tax reform), they're complicated things, tough things," said Simpson. "But what have we been reporting on for the last week? The NFL."

This summer Simpson made national news when he said President Trump is a distraction. But Simpson says that's even more the case now.

"Everytime the president gets in a jam, it's Hillary did that, she lost the election, or Obama did that," said Simpson. "He always blames somebody else, and that is distracting."

But Simpson believes Congress will reach a deal to continue the payments the government makes to help health insurance companies reduce costs to low income Americans.

And he believes there will be tax relief for both corporations and the middle class, perhaps by the end of the year.

"I think you'll see tax reform move forward," he said. "And frankly, if we don't get tax reform done you have to wonder why Republicans are in the majority."

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