Recreational Marijuana taxes bring in $94 million for Oregon

Oregon collects $94 million in recreational marijuana taxes

OREGON - It has now been two years since retail sales of recreational marijuana began in Oregon, and now, the first tax revenues are being distributed.

Between January of 2016 and August of 2017, the state collected $94 million in marijuana taxes, with the biggest percentages going to state school funds.

The rest of the money is being distributed to mental health and drug services, Oregon State Police, Oregon Health Authority and individual cities and counties.

A local marijuana dispensary says business has been great, and they're glad that the money is going back into the community.

"I'm super excited about it," said Zac Goodman of Cannabliss & Co. "I love to be a part of the community and actually be able to give back in my own way from the sales we make here."

According to the Oregon Department of Revenue, most of the funds were distributed last week, and all cities should see final distribution by tomorrow.

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