Procrastinators, your time is almost up! It's tax day!

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - If you haven't mailed off your taxes yet, you have until midnight tonight (Monday).

If you've already filed your taxes, you're one of at least 97 million taxpayers who have submitted returns to the IRS.

As of right now, the average refund is about $2,800, which is down about $40 from last year. But remember, to get that refund it typically takes about 3 weeks.

For those who have refunds on the way, CNN reports:

-37% plan to use the extra cash to pay off bills

-28% plan to spend the refund money

-26% plan to put the refund money into savings

To avoid long lines here in the Treasure Valley several Boise post offices will have self-serve kiosks available. But remember, the label has to be printed before midnight.

If you aren't able to send off your taxes today (Monday), you'll have to file an extension form, which is also due today.

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