Porsche plows into crowd; injured man releases statement


Armando Carrillo of Fruitland says he was the first person struck when a Porsche lost control plowing into a crowd Saturday morning in Boise.

The video attached was shot by Carrillo. If you look at the bottom right hand corner of the video, you can see the shadow of Carrillo, he's leaping to his feet as he describes in his statement below.

Carrillo describes what he saw before and after the incident.

“As I saw the Porsche get near the curb, I heard the engine rev and I thought to myself, ‘cool, a burnout. I have to record this one,’ so I started recording. I wasn't focused on the car, I was more focused on the view of the car. While I was recording, I saw on my phone that the car had lost control, I looked up and I saw it, so I tried getting up on my feet. I was in a low position like a squat position to record from a low view. I didn't have time to move, I was only able to get up straight and that's when the car hit my right leg. I know I flew back and I lost the phone out of my hands, both shoes even came off. I remember I got up and I checked my head because I got hit but I wasn't bleeding. I felt more pain on my knee than anything else. The first thing I saw when I looked up was the guy who was right behind me recording as well, I just heard him screaming in pain. I noticed he was being helped so I turned around to see how the little boy was doing. I remember I kept looking at his chest to see if it looked like he was breathing, I heard someone say he's breathing, and I just laid back after hearing that holding my knee,” Carrillo said.

Eleven people were taken to the hospital. Six were transported by ambulance and five were taken in private vehicles. Their conditions have not been released.

No charges have been filed against the driver of the Porsche and his identity has not been released.

A determination on charges will be made by the District Attorney's Office based on police reports.

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