Police: Driver of white van in Nampa neighborhood is not a threat

Photo courtesy Nampa Police

(***UPDATE***) - Nampa police say the van is a package delivery van and the driver was working. Police say they have been in contact with the delivery company and there is no further concern.

Nampa police say the van caught on camera driving through a neighborhood Tuesday night does not pose a threat.

Police say they received a report from neighbors that a suspicious van had been driving around their area for the last two nights.

In one instance, surveillance video shows the driver stopping in front of a house where two girls were playing. The girls reacted by running and hiding in a garage. The driver then appears to get out of the van and run after them before getting back in the van and driving off.

The girls then reported what happened to adults, who then contacted police.

Nampa police say after they investigated, they learned that the van and driver belonged to a package delivery service.

Officers say the company told them that their drivers deliver so many packages a day that do sometimes run from the van to the delivery site and back to save time.

NPD says the family did the right thing reporting the incident to police and they are just thankful it turned out to not be a threat.

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