UPDATE: Mass stabbing suspect in court and vigil for victims planned

    Timmy Kinner web. Photo courtesy Ada County Sheriff's Office.

    UPDATE: Timmy Kinner, the man accused of stabbing nine people including six children is expected to be arraigned in court Monday at 1:30 p.m.

    Also a reminder, The International Rescue Committee and the City of Boise is organizing a vigil for the stabbing victims. The vigil will take place at 6 p.m. Monday on the steps of Boise City Hall.


    Boise police have identified the man arrested for a stabbing that injured nine people Saturday night, including six children.

    Police say Timmy Kinner, 30, of Los Angeles, was arrested and charged with nine counts of felony aggravated battery and six counts of felony injury to a child.

    Officers say four of the nine people have life-threatening injuries. The victims are members of the refugee community. Police say Kinner is not a refugee and has only been in Boise a short time.

    Investigators say the preliminary evidence is showing that Kinner was a temporary resident at an apartment complex at State Street and Wylie Lane, where the stabbings happened. They say he had stayed a few night's at a resident's apartment last week.

    Police say he was asked to leave the apartments Friday after residents became concerned with Kinner's behavior, which he did peacefully.

    However, police say Kinner returned Saturday with a knife and started attacking people.

    Police say the attack happened at a 3-year-old's birthday party. As of Sunday afternoon, all of the victims were still alive, with one child having to be flown to a hospital in Salt Lake City for treatment.

    Boise Police Chief William Bones said , during a press conference Sunday that had him emotional at times, that the victims who are children are ages three, two that are four, six, eight, and twelve years old. The remaining victims are adults.

    "The crime scene, the faces of the parents struggling with tears coming down their faces, the faces of the children in the hospital beds is something that i’ll carry with me for the rest of my life as will every first responder that was there last night," Chief Bones said.

    All of the victims are refugees from Syria, Iraq, or Ethiopia.

    Chief Bones described the weapon as a large folding knife. He says the knife was recovered from a nearby canal.

    The motive for the stabbings is believed to be revenge for being evicted from the apartment complex.

    "This was an attack against those who are most vulnerable our children," said Chief Bones. “It’s untenable, unconscionable, and is pure evil in my mind.”

    Bones says Kinner has an extensive criminal record in multiple states including violent crimes.

    According to Utah court records, Kinner was arrested in St. George, Utah, in April for stealing a man's wallet. He was given 18 months probation as punishment.

    A vigil is planned for Monday evening at 6 p.m. at Boise City Hall.

    Police say if you would like to learn more about supporting the victims and their families, visit:

    The International Rescue Committee (IRC) website: https://www.rescue.org/united-states/boise-id

    The Boise IRC Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/IRCboise/

    Agency for New Americans: http://www.anaidaho.org/

    or visit 1614 W. Jefferson Street in Boise.

    Boise mayor Dave Bieter issued a statement Sunday morning about the incident:

    "Last night’s horrific attack does not represent Boise," Bieter says. "Please join me in praying for the injured and their families. We must come together to condemn this vile act."

    The mayor later added in a press release:

    "Last night’s horrific attack does not represent Boise. I ask all Boiseans to join me in sending thoughts and prayers for the injured and their families at this terrible time. Our city has long stood as a welcoming city – a place of safety and kindness for those fleeing violence and oppression in their homelands. The senseless acts of one disturbed person does not change that. As Boiseans, we come together not only to condemn this vile act, but also to embrace those among us seeking refuge from tyranny, suffering and war. It is who we are and who we will continue to be. "

    U.S. Senator Mike Crapo also responded on Twitter:

    Rep. Raul Labrador also tweet out a statement:

    Democratic members of the Idaho Legislature representing districts in Boise issued a statement Sunday afternoon:

    “Nine of Boise’s friends, neighbors and loved ones are suffering today because of a senseless and barbaric act. We are standing together to offer our help to the victims and their families, as well as to the city, county and state officials investigating this senseless crime. This kind of violence has no place in our city, state or country.”

    Democratic lawmakers from the legislative district where the stabbings happened, Senator Grant Burgoyne and representatives John McCrostie and Hy Kloc, also added:

    “We are as shocked and angered by this atrocity as everyone else in our community. The fact that children were targeted and attacked makes this crime all the more horrific. We are confident the residents of District 16 will come together and do everything they can to help the victims, their families and their neighbors. We will be side-by-side with them during this critical time. We have every confidence in Chief Bill Bones and the Boise Police Department to ensure justice is done in this case.”

    In a press release sent out by Julianne Tzul, the executive director of the International Rescue Committee in Boise, she says:

    "We are shocked and saddened by this senseless attack on members of the Boise refugee community. The IRC is working with local partners in Boise to provide counseling and support to refugees and other members of the community shaken by this incident.

    "We are also supporting families to find and pay for temporary housing, providing travel logistics for those needing medical care out of state, and encourage families needing other help, or afraid for their safety, to reach out at the apartment building where we are this afternoon, or come to IRC office.

    "IRC thanks Boise’s Mayor, Police, and the community for their support of refugees. This attack does not reflect, in any way, the tremendous welcoming nature of the Boise community we have worked with so closely since opening in 2006.

    "It is heartbreaking to know that people and children who fled horror of war and conflict to find safety in America and the Boise Community had to experience violence all over again."

    Tara Wolfson, director of the Idaho Office for Refugees, also issued a statement Sunday:

    “Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of this awful attack, including young children, who are now fighting for their lives. These dear families fled violence and terror in their homelands and found a place of refuge in our caring community. Sadly, they must once again deal with the pain and loss that comes with violence. As many have pointed out, this aggressor is not representative of our fair city. Like we always do, the good people of the Treasure Valley will rally together in support of these families and all those affected. We must fight fear and foul intent by working towards a just society with love, understanding and compassion.”

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