Idaho Adventure: Idaho Rally Race

Idaho Rally International begins this Saturday and continues through Sunday in Idaho City. It is one of Idaho's largest road rallies and features professional drivers from around the world. (Photos Axel Quartarone)

Competitors from across the nation recently gathered in Idaho City for the Idaho Rally Race.

Subaru Rally Team USA was one team had their top cars and drivers out on the track to show folks what it's like zipping across the dirt track.

For many out of state drivers, this was their first time on Idaho roads.

"Just new roads, just things that we've never seen before, ya know we've been doing the circuit in America for a while and it's been pretty much the same Rally, same stages all the time so to come to a new place is quite exciting," said David Higgins, Subaru Rally Team Driver.

Idaho Rally signed on with the American Rally Association this year, which brought out some bigger competition.

"I like the competition, I don't know, it's just fun in Rally, it's you against the clock, there's almost no excuses you either drove really well or you didn't and I really like that," said Carl Marcum, Rally Racer.

"The greatest feeling is coming into a corner and knowing exactly what the degree of that corner is, because you have a co-driver telling you what it is, and then just coming through completely sideways, sliding through that corner is just an awesome feeling," said Daniel Rockrohr, Competitor Relations Liaison.

Where inexperienced drivers might be hesitant on a dirt road, these experts go all in.

"Some of the stages, me personally I've gotten up to 120 mph," said Rockrohr.

"Dirt's a little more forgiving but it's also just a lot more fun, there's nothing like it going into a corner sideways and coming out of it sideways, it's just so much fun," said Marcum.

Results for the Rally last weekend can be found here.

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