Photos and Video: STEM Moon Shot

STEM Moon Shot (Photo Courtesy KBOI News Staff)

A one of a kind event at Boise State on Saturday gave kids hands on experience with the kind of engineering, robotics and science behind space travel! Kids of all ages put their engineering skills to the test using 200,000 LEGO's.

This event, STEM Moon Shot, was part of BSU's Engineering and Science Festival.

It gave kids hands on experience with the kind of engineering, robotics, and science behind space travel.

Scott Bowman, a self proclaimed 'recovering engineer,' orchestrated the event with help from the Idaho STEM Action Center, Micron, Idaho LUG, and IDEABrickWorks.

The event was free but required registration.

There were thousands of LEGO's that kids could use to build anything they could think of!

There was also the "Design within Constraints" competition. Strict guidelines like time limits and structure requirements made this one a bit more challenging.

The competition was broken up into several different age groups, so everyone will had a chance to show off their talent!

Bowman asked kids to help him make history by building a Saturn V Moon Rocket model completely out of LEGO brick. This is the rocket at took astronauts to the moon in 1969.

The rocket is designed to stand 11.5 feet tall with 373 layers of more than 30,000 bricks.

Kids were broken up into several groups to add layers of LEGO to the rocket.

Building began at 9 a.m. and the goal was to finish the rocket by 4 p.m. giving each group 30 minutes to work.

They were unable to complete the rocket Saturday and organizers say they hope to finish the rocket at future STEM events.

Check out the gallery above for a look all of today's events.

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