Pattern change expected by the weekend

Weekend Storm

A quiet start to the new year, conditions have been relatively normal for the region over the past several days, all while the eastern half of the country has been bombarded with bitterly cold temperatures, wind chill, and snow.

Our current weather is thanks to a weak front that moved through at the end of December, which mixed out our inversion, and high pressure now overhead which is keeping storms away. Under high pressure, we often see valley inversions which result in deteriorating visibility and air quality. We have another inversion in place but it's weak enough that temperature readings have been able to climb above freezing the last several days.

We've also been lucky not to have the fog and low cloud cover form in the valleys which would enhance the inversion even further, the low cloud cover would limit the amount of warming we see near the ground by reflecting incoming solar radiation.

With clear skies at night, we've seen frigid temperatures that have rebounded with the limited heating of the day. Moving forward, we're expecting this pattern to continue at least for a few more days and temperatures should remain relatively close to where they've recently been.

A pattern change is expected for the first half of the weekend. A wave of moisture is expected to move through Friday night into Saturday and should be strong enough to scour out and inversion that sets in. At this point, it's mainly rain for the valleys and light snowfall for the mountains.

There are hints at a more progressive pattern next week, let's hope it pans out.

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