Partial government shutdown has local firefighter searching for handyman work

Jason Martindale is a firefighter with the BLM and maintenance worker at NIFC. During the partial government shutdown, he is on the hunt for temporary work to provide for his family. (Courtesy: Jason Martindale)

The government shutdown is impacting many families here in the treasure valley who will likely miss a paycheck this Friday.

During hard times, Jason Martindale from Boise, is finding a little humor in life considering he might not be getting a paycheck this week.

"It's still a burden because you still have a mortgage and bills coming up and you don't have a paycheck coming in so you really don't want to tap into your savings," Martindale said.

Six months out of the year, Martindale fights the blaze as a firefighter with the BLM. During offseason, he picks up maintenance work for the National Interagency Fire Center.

But with the government shutdown, he's been out of work for 19 days now.

"It keeps going longer and longer and it's like ok, I don't know If I'm going to get my next paycheck now," Martindale said.

Martindale realized it was time to start looking for some work.

"Luckily I have some handyman skills and I don't mind getting outside and working so any kind of yard work. Small handyman jobs. I don't want to remodel a kitchen cause if I go back to work tomorrow I won't be able to finish it," Martindale said.

So, he's offering his services to the Boise community.

"I'll walk your dog or just come be your friend," Martindale said.

But easy ladies and gents, this man shares a happy home with his wife Megan and two boys Boone and Gus.

Martindale says back in 2013 he went through a government shutdown. But back then it was just him and his wife.

"We were pretty care free. We didn't have to pay for a mortgage on the house or keep two kids alive and all those bills," Martindale said.

With the burden of no income, Martindale is doing what he can to provide for his family.

"I hope it doesn't last another month. You know I hope we go back to work pretty soon. But if it does, I'm not sure. It will be pretty tough," Martindale said.

If you have also impacted by the government shutdown, CBS2 wants to hear from you. Give us a call or reach out on our KBOI2 Facebook page.

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