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'Paranormal Prison' turns Idaho's old penitentiary into movie set

“Paranormal Prison,” is built and scripted around the historic Idaho State Penitentiary.{ } (CBS2 Staff Photo){p}{/p}
“Paranormal Prison,” is built and scripted around the historic Idaho State Penitentiary. (CBS2 Staff Photo)

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Movie producers are taking paranormal activity to another level here in the Treasure Valley. A horror movie is being filmed right here in Boise. But what makes this movie so unique, is the location.

“Paranormal Prison,” the story of a paranormal investigation is built and scripted around the historic Idaho State Penitentiary.

Crews are on day four, shooting what they call "not your average scary movie." Some actors say they've filmed at haunted sets, but none has the history of the old penitentiary.

"Doing research on the movie and seeing different stories and the things that really went down at this prison and the different stages this prison went through over the many, many years that it was here. And hearing the stories of the inmates directly through interviews and the old guards really helped me lock the film in," said Todd Haberkorn, actor playing the role of “Matthew.”

The movie has horror and comedy all in one. Still, producers say it's a movie families can see. What's more, it has a completely different way of shooting.

"They all have cameras on them. They have GoPros and then the camera guy for the YouTube channel is actually wearing a real camera. So, we don’t do any coverage. Whatever we shoot, we shoot and that's what we get," said Catrine McGregor, producer of Paranormal Prison.

The movie, directed by Brian Jagger casts some names you may know from Don Shanks, known for his work on Halloween 5, Todd Bridges and Paris Warner. McGregor says two of the actors and most of the crew are from here in Idaho.

“We are identifying it as being the Old Historic State Pen in Idaho. Which means that should it take off and do well, that it actually will become more of a tourist site because more people would want to come see the prison where ‘Paranormal Prison’ was shot,” McGregor said.

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Put this movie on a list of Halloween scares to see, Paranormal Prison is set to come out late September 2019.

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