Overcoming back-to-school jitters for parents


Many students across the Valley are excited, and maybe a little nervous, about the upcoming school year.

So what about the parents?

With summer winding down and the realization settling in that you're sending your little one off to school, this can be unsettling for some.

"Terrifying, (why is it terrifying?) because there is so much unknown, you don't know the teacher and you don't have a relationship with them established," said Becca Preator, Parent & Teacher.

"Little nervous, makes me nervous with all the stuff that's going on.... Safety was my biggest concern being ex-military and all," said Parent Brandon Boller.

The thought of your child experiencing a new school or classroom, and with an educator you may not know, can give you the jitters.

"Those were my two biggest fears is I don't know this person and how they'll react to my child, and then I don't know this school, what is this school going to do to keep my child safe," said Preator.

A back-to-school night is popular in most school districts and is usually held the day or two before the start of school, teachers say this is often the best activity for parents to overcome their back-to-school jitters.

"Come to back to school night, meet the teacher, take the opportunity to look at the classroom...Ask the teacher a couple of questions, read the teacher’s 'get to know me' letter, it's all about being positive and exciting to walk into a new classroom or a new school experience," said Desire Roberts, a First Grade Teacher at Franklin D. Roosevelt Elementary.

They also say open communication with your child's educator is key.

"We talked to the principal, we did our research, we talked to the teachers," said Boller.

Preator says, "When new kids move in there's always that beginning stage where they really feel like they need to know you a little bit and so I always do the beginning of the year things anytime a child moves in and that helps the parents get to know me a little bit better and it also helps the child know what the expectations are.”

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