One year later: Taking on Jardo's legacy

Edo (right) is taking on the legacy of his big brother Jardo (left) (KBOI Staff).

It's been one year since the death of beloved Boise Police K-9 Jardo.

He died from wounds received while in the line of duty.

Today, his legacy lives on.

"Jardo was an unbelievable dog for us," said Sergeant Kirk Rush who oversees the Boise PD K-9 Unit. "Probably the best dog I remember working with in the last 13 years. It would be difficult to compare any dog to him in the state or even the region. That's how good of a dog he was."

For Jardo's handler, Corporal Shane Williams, the wounds from losing Jardo are still raw.

He says Jardo was more than a partner, he was a part of his family.

"Obviously when it happened, Shane was devastated by the loss of Jardo. But, within days, Shane knew he wanted to work with another dog. He knew that part of his career was not over," said Sgt. Rush.

Today, the Boise PD K-9 Unit has a new pup named Edo. He is a 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd mix.

Edo has already been out on some special operations with the SWAT team. He's been helping the department track down suspects and get drugs off the streets.

Edo is a dual purpose dog, just like Jardo was, but these two K-9s do have their differences.

Officers say Edo's personality is very different than his big brother's.

"Jardo loved to be loved. Edo not necessarily. He does not go out and seek attention like Jardo did. Jardo loved to be petted. He would run up to everybody and wanted everyone's attention. Edo's temperament is great. He is a very lovable dog, but he just wants to go to work," said Sgt. Rush.

As different as they are, Sgt. Rush says both K-9s have been great at their job.

"One of the best things about Edo is seeing how happy Shane has been. I was really concerned when Shane lost Jardo, because [their] bond was unreal. Those two worked so well together that you could not imagine Shane getting another dog that was even close to what Jardo was. But, you see Shane interact with [Edo], how happy he is with him and how well they work together [and] that is probably the most satisfying thing I have seen since getting Edo," said Sgt. Rush.

Corporal Shane Williams told KBOI 2News that after losing Jardo he took his collar and hung it up in his home. A few weeks ago, after Edo successfully completed an operation, Cpl. Williams says he decided Edo was ready to take on Jardo's legacy. So, he gave him Jardo's collar to wear.

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