One year after tragic murder: 'It's been extremely heart-wrenching'

Mark Medley and his mother heard news that would change his life a year ago: His niece and sister-in-law were killed. (Photo courtesy Medley family)

Tuesday marks one year since the discovery of a triple murder on a property in Caldwell. The man who the Canyon County Sheriff believes killed the women is still missing, as loved ones struggle to make sense of the event.

Mark Medley and his mother heard news that would change his life a year ago: His niece and sister-in-law were killed.

"It's been extremely heart-wrenching," he said. "I was standing next to my mom, and she let out a yell or a scream or a cry, and just started crying hysterically."

Nadja was married to Medley's brother Tom who passed away in 2014. Medley says she was thoughtful, and had a heart for animals.

"She was a very compassionate person. She was extremely intelligent and knew five different languages," said Medley.

He says his niece Payton was kind and did very well in school.

Medley said he never talked to or met Bullinger, who Nadja was in a relationship with.

Gerald Michael Bullinger is not only accused of killing both Nadja and Payton, but also Cheryl Baker, his wife at the time.

Medley is convinced both Nadja and Payton knew nothing of Bullinger's martial status.

"I know for a fact that she absolutely, positively did not know about Cheryl. I know Nadja well enough that if she did know about Cheryl, she never would have gotten involved with Mike," Medley said.

Both Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue and Medley are convinced Bullinger is the one responsible. But one question still remains to them both: Why?

"Why did he do that? Why did he do this? If i could get into the mind of the sociopath and figure out why they do what they do...I could answer that question," said Medley.

But Medley says, if Bullinger died from the elements or took his own life, he still considers justice to be served.

"He would save us all the pain of going through a trial and hearing his reasoning or his lies of why he did what he did."

As for now, Medley says he's accepted that he may never see another development in his family member's case. He says he's learned to move on and come to peace with the memory of his loved ones.

"Nadja and Payton were both very kind, nurturing loving, very intelligent and gifted people that had a lot to offer the world."

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