Number of homes for sale in Boise has declined for 39 consecutive months


If you're looking to sell your house, Boise's market is red hot.

The Boise Regional Realtors Group said there simply aren't enough homes for sale on the market.

Their new report says this past December marked 39 consecutive month of year-over-year declines in the number of homes for sale.

They believe it's due to Boise being discovered and people are wanting to move here. The home buyers are coming to Boise, but not a lot of people are leaving.

"We're seeing an increasing decline in the number of houses available for sale, because people are staying put," said Phil Mount, a realtor at Front Street Brokers. "Meanwhile, everybody talks about the millennials, they're finally doing household formation."

Mount says millennials account for about 14 percent of the population which is about 30 percent of the sale of homes recently.

This trend is expected to continue through 2019.

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