Not your average traffic stop: Elk pulled over in north Idaho

Police try to move an elk off Highway 53 in north Idaho. The elk had different plans. (Courtesy Michelle Janshen)

HAUSER, Idaho (KBOI) - Most animals run away from loud noises and flashing lights, but an elk in north Idaho reacted differently recently.

At around 5 p.m. on Highway 53 and Pleasant View Road in Hauser, Idaho State Police were in the process of moving elk off the highway.

A Facebook video captured troopers attempting to move a single elk away from traffic. However, the elk didn't budge and seemed more interested in hanging out with the troopers.

"They must have been fighting to get it to move for 30 minutes," says Michelle Janshen, a witness of the event.

The hilarious video of the elk has more than 55,000 views on Facebook.

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