New proposal could build downtown Boise sports park on planned CWI campus

Artist's rendering of the proposed sports park. Courtesy City of Boise.

The City of Boise says they are looking into a new proposal that involves the proposed downtown stadium project, but the city stresses that at this point it's just an idea that they are looking into.

The city says the idea would be to have Boise and the other agencies involved in the project to build a sports park on the empty property that the College of Western Idaho owns adjacent to Whitewater Park Boulevard, a short distance from the currently proposed spot.

CWI tried to get voter support for a bond last year to build a new campus on that property, but the bond failed, and the lot remains mostly empty.

The community college would then receive some property in return that the city was originally looking at for the stadium, which includes an old Kmart building that is being used by St. Luke's for offices at Americana and Shoreline.

The old Kmart could be an existing building for CWI to start a Boise campus.

Mike Journee, spokesman for the city, tells KBOI 2News that this proposal was pitched just in the last week by a unidentified third party, but it caught the city's attention.

Boise mayor Dave Bieter has openly supported the expansion of CWI to the city and of the sports park project, and the city sees this as a possible way to get both.

Journee described the new proposal as a "concept in its infancy" and that they are just getting started at seeing if this is a viable path forward.

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