New downtown Boise food stop encourages customers to live 'Paddles Up!'

Co-owners of Paddles Up Poke stand with their families outside of the 9th and Idaho store front location. The restaurant is slated to open May 1st. (Courtesy of Paddles Up Poke)

For Dan and Jordan, the sound of construction inside their new restaurant is music to their ears.

"My dream was to always open a restaurant in downtown Boise," said Dan Landucci, co-owner of Paddles Up Poke in downtown Boise.

And his dream is finally becoming a reality, starting on May 1.

Landucci and his partner Jordan, are introducing Idaho to a new kind of food product.

"I've heard people say it all," said Landucci. "Poki, poke, pokey."

The correct way to pronounce it is Po-kay. As Landucci explains, its a Hawaiian dish that's a lot like sushi meets Chipotle bowls.

In a community filled with health-conscious, outdoors loving members, the two think their concept will really take off.

First, customers will pick their fish base: Ahi Tuna or Salmon. Then, they can choose from over 22 ingredients to put inside the bowl like cucumbers, onions and zucchini.

If you're not into raw fish, shrimp and scallops will be available to choose from as well.

"Even the non-raw fish eaters were excited about something new coming into Boise," he said.

The duo have strong ties to the Boise area they met through their wives who were roommates at Boise State University.

Not only do both want to give back to their community, but they also want to inspire everyone within it, too.

"'Paddles up' has always been kind of a mindset for me to attack my dreams and attack my goals," Landucci said. " Just do it, just go for it, and don't let anyone stop you."

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