New Path Community Housing Project opens in Downtown Boise

New Path Community Housing Project opens in Downtown Boise

"This is about the people, this is about the people that have for too long have been living on the streets in cars and in and out of shelters," says Executive Director with Ada County Charitable Assistance to Community's Homeless, Wyatt Schroeder. "These people have unfortunately been suffering a lot of complicated health issues because of that trial of living on the street. And that's a community responsibility, we have to take ownership of that."

Today the New Path Community Housing Project opened it's doors for the first time.

Taking the most vulnerable and chronically homeless in our community, and giving them a place to call home.

"It's not enough for us to drive by anymore, we need to recognize that we can end homelessness and it begins with partnerships like this," Schroeder says.

Officials tell me that it's Idaho's first "housing first" community.

"It's without a doubt the most evidence based strategy based for ending homelessness," Schroeder says. "It's been policy since the second bush administration but its been slow to come to Idaho."

This 41 unit facility has all your basic needs and then some.

From a fully equip in unit kitchen with air conditioning and a dishwasher, to a gym facility, community gathering rooms and full on site social services.

"It's housing first but it's not housing only, in order to make this work, you have to have really intense and supportive services." Schroeder says.

He says these residents will each be assigned a case manager, mental health and substance abuse counseling, as well as healthcare services.

Also, a full time nurse on staff, and peer support groups to help with community building.

"We can end homelessness, amazing things are happening across the country using this philosophy of housing first," Schroeder says. "So we will know New Path is working when the community says, yeah where is the next units coming from. this is only 40. so lets keep working, there are more people that need us."

A community ribbon cutting and open house is planned for later this month.

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