Near record high possible on Thanksgiving


When it comes to the holidays, we typically associate Thanksgiving with warm blankets, football and hot chocolate. Not to mention high doses of tryptophan from the turkey dinner followed by late night turkey sandwiches! I like mine with mustard, mayo and stuffing! We can still enjoy all of that minus the part with the blankets. You see, I’m expecting to see near record high temperatures this Wednesday and Thursday!

In order to get cold air this time of the year, you’ve got to have a northwest or north flow in the atmosphere. That means, we have to see air that moves in from Canada or the Gulf of Alaska. Well, typically the jet stream starts delivering that in November. But this week, the jet stream is going to oriented from southwest to northeast. In other words, the flow coming in from the southwest will become a conveyor belt to usher in mild air from the Pacific Ocean.

We will still see rain and high elevation mountain snow on Monday. Followed by a chance of showers Tuesday. But, the main ingredient that will be missing is cold air. Any snow that we do see with these storms will be confined to the higher elevations. The record high temperature this Thursday stands at 64 degrees set back in 1897! I’m forecasting a high of 62 degrees under a mixture of clouds and sun. That’s going to be mild!

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