Nampa Police open files on 54-year old investigation

"We wonder every day where she is, and who is going to find her." says Gene Richey.

Nampa Police are opening the files on an investigation more than half a century old.

The Nampa School District Office, where beneath it's foundation may lie the answers to a 54 year old investigation.

"We wonder every day where she is, and who is going to find her." says Gene Richey.

Family members say Lillian Richey disappeared from her Nampa home in Febuary of 1964.

She was 51 years old at the time.

"Mother lived close to the school district building, it was under construction at the time she went missing and it's very possible that is where she is."

Lillian lived just blocks from what is now the Nampa School District Office.

During the time of her disappearance, the foundation was just being laid.

"We've looked everywhere else in all the drain ditches in all the deserts in all the rivers, and never any sign of her anywhere."

Nampa Police say evidence that she was at the construction site has never been uncovered, but rumors and tips now have police and Boise State University students searching.

I talked to Lillian's son, Gene, now 86 years old, about what this investigation means to his family.

"It would give a closing for our mother's death, because she's dead and gone we know that for sure, but it will give us complete closure for it and we need it." says Richey.

Gene was in his early 30's when his mother disappeared, she would have been one hundred and five this year.

Gene says he and his family are thankful and hopeful for the investigation to bring them closer to answers.

"It's gonna happen with the wonderful BSU team working, with this new equipment I've never even heard of it before, to find cadavers like this, it's wonderful, we will be pleased."

Sergeant Tim Riha with the Nampa Police Department says the data collected by BSU students is being processed right now and they are still waiting on the results to determine their next steps in the investigation.

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