Mystery Boom Frightens and Puzzles LC Valley


If you didn't hear it, you've heard about it. Wednesday night a loud boom rang out throughout the valley, leaving everyone wondering what happened.

Paisley and J.D. Morrow explained it as, "A really loud bang or a really loud boom."

While they didn't hear it firsthand, Paisley and J.D. say it was all everyone was talking about on Thursday.

Through texts and social media, people let them know what was going on. "My mom. Yeah her parents and then people at work were talking about it. Word travelled fast, I suppose."

The unexplained noise had everyone trying to guess what could've happened. Some thought it was a car crash, while others said they didn't just hear it, they felt it.

Both the Lewiston and Clarkston Police Departments have no idea what happened, though officers on duty heard the noise, and so did firefighters.

Paisley says, "I did hear some people wondering if Clearwater Paper exploded but it's still intact so..." Calls to Clearwater Paper confirmed there wasn't an incident at the mill.

And no outages or alerts were reported by Avista.

J.D. speculates, "I just thought maybe it was a sonic boom from a jet going overhead. Since it had such a wide range of people who heard it, I think something like a sonic boom is most likely."

We called Fairchild Airforce Base, who told us they didn't have operations going on in our area that night. We also called Joint Base Lewis-McChord; they could neither confirm nor deny jets were over our area Wednesday night. So for now, the mystery boom remains a mystery.

J.D. and Paisley laugh, "That's all we know."

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