Mountain Home Air Force base proposes fighter jet training over Boise

Mountain Home Air Force base has proposed air and ground training spaces for F-15 strike eagle air crews. (File Photo)

Mountain Home Air Force base has proposed air and ground training spaces for F-15 strike eagle air crews. However flying over the city is raising a lot of questions for neighbors.

“Flying over the city I don’t think it’s a great idea to have the war games right over the city,” said Bruce Miller, Boise resident.

Mountain Home Air Force base says training in urban areas is critical to the gunfighter missions as it provides an environment with the same tactical challenges encountered during operations in war time.

“It could be a little bit of a noise annoyance for a bit but I think it would be short lived. So I’m not too concerned about it,” said David Gustafson, Boise resident.

Nine local urban areas have been identified for this training: Boise, Mountain Home, Burley, Twin Falls, Grandview, Glenns Ferry, Bruneau, Hammet and Mountain Home Air Force base.

State Representative John Gannon also chimes in with air and life quality concerns. Regarding the air support training range, Gannon says:

“We already have air quality concerns. Our rapid growth is causing traffic congestion and a greater air quality threat. I want to know more about the Air Force proposal to have Boise become an Urban Close Air Support Proficiency urban training range for F-15E fighter jets. How will this affect our air?”

Meanwhile, other Boise citizens are a little less concerned about the training over the city of Boise.

“I think it will be fine, I think that it wouldn’t be more noise that what we already have for air traffic over the Boise city area,” said Patty Skeie, Boise resident.

“You’ve got to do it some place, everywhere you go there’s going to be a ‘not in my backyard’ so it’s just the way of the world,” said Miller.

On Monday, the Air Force originally had plans to have a public scoping meeting to discuss the concerns the public had for the description of the proposed actions and alternatives. The information will then be used for environmental assessment. The Air Force says it's now been canceled to provide a full panel of representatives to answer all questions.

"We needed to reschedule these meetings to ensure we had all parties available," the Air Force said.

A meeting in Mountain Home on Tuesday at the American Legion (515 E. 2nd S. Street) will continue as planned.

If you have an opinion on the proposal or simply want to learn more about it, you are encouraged to attend the public meeting.

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